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My husband and I have always had our own businesses, We grew up in New Jersey, where My husband ran a construction business and I worked in the banking industry. One day we decided to move to Florida to get away from the cold winters and start a new adventure. We started a building company in florida and of course bad times fell upon us. So we opened a small restaurant business (Deli Boy Subs), which to this day we still have and run with our two sons.


Living in florida we started to hang decorative flags on our house, and it was hard to find different kinds of flags. With the internet starting to get popular we went to the internet to find decorative flags and could not find any.


The local stores were also very limited with their selections. Their displays were very small and the flags were all rolled up with a small image of each flag on the packaging. We thought wouldn't it be nice if you could purchase from a catalog of flags. Thats when we decided to create an online flag store ( That was back in 1998, where we first set up in our garage. We struggled to learn the business and we probably invested all of our profits back into the business for the first five years. Thank god we had the restaurant to pay the bills. We have since advanced Houseflags to where we have  a warehouse with a staff of 12 to help us take care of both businesses. Since we started our company on the internet in 1998 (when not that many people had computers) we can't believe how much it has changed. What we have learned over these years from both businesses is that you have to give your customers a good product at a fair price and accompany that with sound service.


Again we thank you and we hope we can become your source for all of your decorative flag needs.


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